More than skin deep

The future of beauty is transparency. And no, we don’t mean some kind of wacky trend for see-through skin… Consumers are increasingly demanding that the beauty industry cuts the crap – both literally, in the products they make, and figuratively in the way that they’re being sold. Tired of the bogus, pseudo-scientific claims that populate…

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Smart tattoos

Wearable technology is getting a bit fancy these days, but wait til you hear what could be next: Sub-dermal sensors – in the form of tattoos. In the US, MIT’s Media Lab have recently developed a tattoo ink created from biosensors that change colour depending on various readings from the body. “The pH sensor changes…

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Fun fact: Every piece of plastic ever produced still exists in the world today. It’s a pretty strong argument for brands to use alternative packaging materials. As consumers become more aware of the impact that plastic and non-recyclable waste is having on the world’s environment and ecosystems, their demand for alternatives is becoming increasingly vocal. When…

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Branding blunders

The new UK Dove campaign featuring different shaped body wash bottles is the latest in a growing line of branding misfires. Perhaps it seemed like a good idea on paper, but Dove has swiftly invoked the wrath of the internet after launching their limited edition range of body-shaped body wash bottles. While in the past…

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Wine Coffee

Beverage mashup

Are you plagued by indecision when it comes to hosting a dinner party? What should you be serving at the end of the meal – coffee or more wine? #firstworldproblems Finally there is an answer to your prayers: Wine-infused coffee. Molinari Private Reserve is a just-launched coffee brand formulated in the Napa Valley. But unlike your standard Jamaican…

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Have your spoon and eat it

Imagine slurping up the last mouthfuls of a delicious curry and then finishing your meal by chomping down on… your cutlery? This is now the reality in many places throughout India and soon, no doubt, the rest of the world. Over the last 70 years the problem of pollution from plastic waste has become so…

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What’s healthy?

What’s worse – fat or sugar? Can either be classified as ‘healthy?’ In the US, the FDA is trying to find out. Last week the FDA closed a round of submissions from both stakeholders and the public as part of their on their ongoing probe into ‘healthy’ food labels. Which raises the question: What constitutes…

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So bad, it’s good

An electrocuting ‘beauty’ mask. A ballpoint pen designed especially for women. Colgate branded beef lasagne. All examples of what happens when brands’ innovation attempts go hilariously wrong. These products and more are being celebrated in an exhibition at Sweden’s Museum of Failure, opening in June 2017. The brainchild of organisational psychologist Samuel West, the collection…

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The new green

Sustainability is not new, but the way it is being represented is changing. Simply being ‘eco,’ or ‘green’ has become boring. In order to engage a new generation of consumers (Gen Viz / Gen D) a fresh approach to communicating sustainability is required. It’s no longer enough to trot out the same tired visual stereotypes…

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What the knækbrød?

Cuisine Magazine has announced the winners of their 2017 Artisan Awards, and this year the supreme winner was a recycled grain knækbrød. ‘A what now?’ we hear you ask. Knækbrød – pronounced ‘knick-bro-the’ – is a Danish ‘cracker-bread,’ for want of a better term. Literally translated from Danish it means ‘cracked or break-bread.’ It’s part…

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