V Pure

Project Description

Since 1997 V has been one of New Zealand’s most iconic brands. Frucor’s research revealed that people have an increasing need for energy, but a significant preference shift towards products made with natural ingredients is emerging.

The answer? V Pure. Made from 6 natural ingredients and nothing else – V Pure is a natural energy hit to get you through the day.

The branding for V Pure was stripped back to the pure essentials and made more sophisticated to communicate the offer and connect with the consumer.

“The team at Unified were an integral part of the development of V Pure. From multiple rounds of research concepts to the final artwork, they put endless hours into to making sure the product hit the mark. As always, the strategic direction work up front ensured that the concept reached the target consumer and was a good fit with where we wanted to take the V brand. V Pure has been on shelf for only a few weeks however feedback on the product and pack design have been very positive” Ursula Bowden. Senior Brand Manger – V

Project Details


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