Taylor Pass

Project Description

Unified’s approach was to tell a more meaningful brand story, one that truly connects the company to the heart of the rugged South Island of New Zealand. Breaking away from traditional bee and flower category norms, Taylor Pass stands alone with it’s more rugged crafted feel, strong typography and a weathered hive device creates disruption while the use of embossed matt stock and metallic inks and foils helps maintain the brands position as one of New Zealand’s premium honey brands.

“I am truly astounded at how quickly the team has become “one”, the change in attitude and culture was evident from the very beginning of the process, this was always our goal but nobody predicted it to be quite this easy. There is a general feeling of togetherness and excitement about the future.  I believe the key to this success is in the involvement of staff from day one giving them a direct connection to the brand”.

Project Details


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