Project Description

Humble Honey Soda is a brand with real purpose. They want to help improve the plight of the honey bee by actively doing something positive. So they created Humble Honey Soda, a naturally replenishing honey soda that promotes well-being – nurtured by the goodness of honey bees. For every bottle of Humble Honey Soda sold, they invest time and money to create more hives in our communities… making more bees. The crafted bee icon tells the story of the process… Inside every bottle there’s two spoons of New Zealand honey, outside there are more bee in the world.

“Unified were our strategic partner in the full brand development of Humble spanning research, insight identification, purpose, design and contribution to go the seeding strategy. The purpose development work Unified led was the critical aspect that unlocked the unique proposition and allowed us to develop a brand with a compelling position in the market that we are extremely excited about long term. Because of this work, Humble has moved from being a local New Zealand opportunity to a brand with global potential. Unified were simply outstanding”

Project Details


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