More than skin deep


The future of beauty is transparency. And no, we don’t mean some kind of wacky trend for see-through skin…

Consumers are increasingly demanding that the beauty industry cuts the crap – both literally, in the products they make, and figuratively in the way that they’re being sold.

Tired of the bogus, pseudo-scientific claims that populate the beauty lexicon, consumers are pushing back. They’re no longer willing to accept marketing hype as truth.

For years beauty brands have used the tactic of confusion marketing. “By using a scientific-sounding term the product seems technically superior to others and makes the brand seem like it has a scientific and therefore effective basis,” says Nikki Stopford, director of research at Which? (the UK equivalent to New Zealand’s Consumer magazine.)

With the prevalence of health-tracking apps and the hyper-connectivity of social media, consumers are not only more switched on to their own wellbeing than ever, they’re also increasingly likely to listen to their peers, investigate for themselves and call bullshit on spurious beauty industry sales pitches.

“Just as consumers are demanding to know more about the provenance of their food, so they are demanding more knowledge of the ingredients in their beauty products,” says Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory.

As such, the natural sector of the beauty industry is booming as digitally savvy, ethically minded, predominantly Millennial consumers seek out alternatives.

In New Zealand this means supporting small companies like Girl Undiscovered – a start up brand who’s philosophy is the antithesis of hokey “scientific” claims. The company not only uses socially conscious business practices, but sources only foraged, sustainable ingredients from the backyards of small communities in Burma, Bali and New Zealand.

Posted on June 16, 2017 in Future, Ideas, Innovation, Insights, People, Trends, Wellness

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