Have your spoon and eat it


Imagine slurping up the last mouthfuls of a delicious curry and then finishing your meal by chomping down on… your cutlery?

This is now the reality in many places throughout India and soon, no doubt, the rest of the world.

Over the last 70 years the problem of pollution from plastic waste has become so ubiquitous that scientists say it has pushed the planet into a new geological epoch – the manmade Anthropocene. It’s a pretty big deal. So since 2016, the Indian government has been rolling out a ban on single-use plastic products which now covers almost 10 states, including the Capital.

In response, Hyderabad-based company Bakeys has developed the world’s first mass-produced edible spoon.

Based on the principle that when you eat an ice cream, you also eat the cone, the spoons are designed to complement a meal. They’re produced in three varieties – savoury, sweet and plain – and made from blended plant-based sorghum, rice and wheat flours with no fats, animal products or artificial ingredients.

Even if you’re a bit too full after your meal to manage another bite of your utensil, the spoon will not create waste, breaking down in just a few days in damp soil.

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Culture, Food, Future, Ideas, Innovation

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