Branding blunders


The new UK Dove campaign featuring different shaped body wash bottles is the latest in a growing line of branding misfires.

Perhaps it seemed like a good idea on paper, but Dove has swiftly invoked the wrath of the internet after launching their limited edition range of body-shaped body wash bottles.

While in the past Dove’s body positive campaigns have often lead the charge against the overwhelming message of thinness as beauty, the idea of body wash bottles coming in all shapes and sizes “just like you” has been met with almost unanimous ridicule.

As the Washington Post argues: “The problem with women’s self-image has never, ever been that our bottles of soap are not shaped enough like our bodies. In fact, isn’t part of the problem that our bodies are treated like objects? Perhaps making objects look more like our bodies is not the way to go.”

It goes to show that while the campaign may be based on a worthy concept – empowering women to embrace their body shape – potentially good ideas can be perceived very differently by the public.

As consumers become more savvy and even more connected with our omnipresent online culture, brands must tread carefully when they enter the land mine laden fray of body image or social justice-based campaigns.

But hey, you know what they say – any publicity is good publicity, right?

Posted on May 24, 2017 in Ideas, Insights, Learning, Packaging, Uncategorized

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