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Are you plagued by indecision when it comes to hosting a dinner party? What should you be serving at the end of the meal – coffee or more wine? #firstworldproblems

Finally there is an answer to your prayers: Wine-infused coffee.

Molinari Private Reserve is a just-launched coffee brand formulated in the Napa Valley. But unlike your standard Jamaican Blue Mountain Yemen Mocha Java Caribbean blend, Molinari Private Reserve coffee beans are infused with red wine.

To create the coffee (obviously using a secret patented process), beans are rehydrated in an undisclosed Napa ‘house made red,’ to absorb the flavour and aroma of the wine before being dried and roasted.

Being a coffee first, rather than a wine, there is no alcohol content, but they have produced both full-caff and decaf options.

So, how does it taste?

Mollinari describes their product as having a ‘blueberry note,’ which is enhanced by preparing the coffee in a plunger, while the addition of milk brings out the wine flavour. Because doesn’t milky wine-flavoured coffee sound delicious?

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